There are many types of “taters” What type are you?


You have Russet, Idaho, Yukon Gold, White, etc.  They may grow different, beshaped different, but when you peel all the dirt off and get to the core of the “tater” they all look basically the same.  We are all basically the same.  No one is better than someone else.  We were all just raised in different gardens, but down inside we are the same. Different “taters” do have different outward characteristics.  See if you fall into any of the following:

1. Hesitator - Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t.  Spend too much time trying to make up your mind.  Never get anything accomplished. Webster says, to hold back; to be indecisive.
2. Agitator - Causes trouble. Usually starts things just to see people’s reactions.  Webster says, to stir up or
to excite and cause trouble.
3. Spectator - There are more spectators at an event then there are participants.  You should not always sit on
the sidelines.  Take part in life.  Just be careful what you participate in. Webster says, one who watches.
4. Commentator - They are the ones who worry about what if.  Analyze everything.  They will waste a lot of . . .time thinking and worrying about things that might not ever happen, or that . they have no control over.  Webster says, tries to explain or interpret.
5. Irritator - You do not like to be around these “taters”.  They worry only about self.  Have no consideration for others.  Webster says, toannoy; to cause anger or displeasure.
6. Imitator - Trying to be something that you are not.  Be yourself.  We all were made for a purpose . . . . . . and have special talents.  Find them and use them.  Webster says, to copy; to take on the appearance of; to resemble.
7. Meditator - They think a lot but don’t always do.  There is a time to think on things but do not spend your entire life thinking.  There should be a time of action as well. Webster says, to reflect or to ponder.
8. Rotten  Tater - Lazy; just lays around.  Doesn’t contribute to society.  They are wasted and useless.  Bring . . . . . . . those around them down as well.  Webster says, weak and morally corrupt.
9. Sweet Tater - They are good and pretty.  Tries to be helpful and worries more about others than self. . . Asks what can I do to be pleasing?  Webster says, pleasing; agreeable; wholesome.  Did you know that if you put one of these “taters” in water and take care of it, it will grow into a beautiful plant with beautiful blooms for all to enjoy.